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#100masters masterpieces

100masters logoFor the #100masters campagne the mim puts forward 10 exceptional pieces in the collection. You can follow a trail leading you through the museum passing by every one of them and giving you a little story about them. There is also a treasure hunt for children. At each stop there is a mission to accomplish. The correct answers lead to the discovery of the "treasure".

A comittee appointed by the Brussels Museum Council selected the 100 official masterpieces. 2 of them are at the mim. We added our own to complete the group of 10.

masterpieces - official selection

harpsichord with virginal Ioannes Ruckers, Antwerp, 1619

trombone with 6 independent valves and 7 bells, Adolphe Sax, Paris, 1876

masterpieces - 8 instruments chosen by the mim staff

componium, D.N. Winkel, Amsterdam, 1821

barrel organ "The Dentist", southern Germany, end of 19th C.

hurdy-gurdy, Belgium / Germany, end of 18th C.?

Zande drums, gaza and go, Congo, end of 19th C.

bianqin, ca 1908, Zuid China

Geigenwerk, Raymundo Truchado, Toledo ?, 1625

bass viol, Joachim Tielke, Hamburg, 1701

grand piano Pleyel with luthéal mechanism, George Cloetens / Pleyel, Wolff & Cie., Paris, 1911/1919


adult trail

treasure hunt for children