50 unusual instruments

Did you know that there were pyramid-shaped pianos? That there was such a thing as a trumpet marine? That there were even shoulder harps and glass harmonicas?

Musical instruments are as various as they are surprising, as illustrated by this publication, which showcases fifty of them from around the world and from Antiquity to the present day. Laid out before you are such curiosities as the seven-bell trombone, the serpent chandelier, the teponaztli and the split drum, as well as such familiar instruments as the saxophone, the trumpet, the violin and the grand piano.

In each case, there are two photographs: one showing the instrument in its entirety, the other an unusual detail. These are accompanied by a text prepared by the museum’s Educational Service on the basis of the most frequently asked questions concerning the instrument’s origin (sometimes comical), history, manufacture, use, legends, etc.

Open your eyes wide… And your ears… You never know!

cover 50 meesterstukken 50 unusual instruments
Renaissance du livre
mim, Brussels, november 2010
128 p. in full color
ISBN-13 978-2507003555
price: €15