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Concert Korean traditional music - Modern Sound Korea

05/05/2018 - 14:00 - 15:30


Kim Jihye and Kim Hyelim are crossover musicians respectively working with Korean traditional percussions and a flute (daeguem). Both based in London, they produce interesting sounds that are not limited to a certain genre. Kim Jihye, a member of ‘Urban Sound’, tends to present a stage consisting of various sources such as installations and visual arts. Kim Hyelim produces cross-over crossover music with her contemporary collectives ‘Note Inégales’ and ‘Shilla Ensemble’. These well-rounded musicians willingly collaborate with other genres, getting inspired by Korean traditional music and interpreting such heritage into their style.



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Kim Jihye (Percussions) , Kim Hyelim (Daegeum)


Concert Korean traditional music - Modern Sound Korea