the Atelier

The Atelier is an interactive activity space complementary to the exhibition rooms, where music comes to life in workshops for groups of children and the disabled, but also for adults.

The role of the Atelier is multiple: it provides an environment in which to explore instruments by playing them, to feel vibrations, to discover the materials instruments are made of, to put stories to music, to have fun, to combine timbres and sounds...

The Atelier is divided into different zones adapted to the various activities offered to groups during the school year and to children participating in holiday workshops.

On entering the Atelier via an access ramp, you first discover three instruments from the mim collection in a glass display case: an African harp, a horn and a violin. These instruments are the link between the Atelier and the museum exhibition rooms. Their strange or foreign fabrication testifies to the inventiveness of their makers. Born of a desire to explore sound, they invite children to become the creators of sound...

In the centre of the room, you'll find a circle of percussion instruments from the educational service's collection. School groups, extra-curricular and disabled groups can play timpani drums, dudums, djembe drums and xylophones during their visit. The colour of sound, pulsing rhythms and melodies, in whatever shape or form: musical pleasure awaits you!

A second zone contains electric instruments as well as vibration boxes for the perception of sounds by the deaf.

Imagination finds its place in the story corner, where enclosed by curtains, children can dream, listen to stories, invent, and relax in calm surroundings.

During workshops, the craft zone sees the birth of many extraordinary creations: plasticine, collage, instrument making.