the workshop and reserves

travail dans / aan het werk in het atelier

A dozen specialists in woodworking, lutherie, copper processing and surface treatment work here on the conservation and restoration of instruments. The workshop is open by appointment only to professionals who are working with musical instruments. Contact Saskia Willaert or Joris De Valck.

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Franz de Vestibule

The first restorer, Franz de Vestibule, ca. 1890, worked under supervision of the curator Victor Charles Mahillon. In those days the emphasis was mainly on keeping the instruments playable and making copies.

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compactus 1

Some 1200 instruments are on display in the galleries, but over 5000 more are stored in reserves. In these stockrooms all instruments are arranged systematically, perfectly protected from dust and light. As in the galleries, the air conditioning keeps humidity and temperature at constant levels.

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